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BALUT018: Izabotanika
Publish DateJuly 1, 2013Published By Published by


Izabotanika is a special collaboration between artists on the Botanika roster, and Izabo, the Israeli psychedelic-middle-eastern-indie-pop-disco band, who even took an unlikely part in the 2012 Eurovision contest. This is also our first hook up with Anova, the label that shares much of our vision but applies to more guitar-centric music.

The collaboration galvanized in remixes form, with each Botanika artist taking Izabo’s Summer Shade to a different conclusion. Grá, (aka Isaac Finley, who recorded previously as Bunny on Acid) took the tough love approach, emphasising the drums and placing them in a swinging, syncopated, solid bass frame.

Markey Funk picked up on the psychedelic thread and unraveled a full blown mind expanding acid trip, late 60’s style.

And finally, NDV let the original song stay a bit too long on the beach, resulting in a hazy, sun stroked late summer lament.

Check out the original track and it’s video right here

BALUT017: Three Parts Remix EP
Publish DateMay 18, 2013Published By Published by


Following the release of the Polar Pair album late last year, here’s a quality pack of remixes for six tracks, divided to three parts.

Part 1 is the more straightforward club package, containing remixes by two of Tel-Aviv’s most promising duos. The first remix is delivered by Red Axes, the new hot shots now signed to the French stable I’m a Cliche. The duo gravitated towards the punky-funky Indifferent, and added their signature sounding rugged disco assault. Deep’a and Biri, with a new album to be released on Gigolo Records and a cut on Derrick May’s recent We Love Detroit Compilation, took the sublime disco anthem Star, and transformed it into a Berghain techno stormer.

Part 2 takes the tempo down a notch and a couple of miles high into the stratosphere. Generation Bass’ maestro, SaBBo, treats Not Real with a heavy stomping beat, which sounds new as much as it brings to mind classic Leftfield tracks.
The second remix here is by Botanika’s Bunny on Acid, now adopting a new moniker, Grá, that matches his deep and intricate sound, with a new album coming soon on Studio Rockers. He’s take on album opener, Let’s Go, is a dubby trip through reverberating spaces and a disjointed 808 beat that holds it all together.

Part 3, as its name – Self-Mutilation – suggests, has a couple of remixes done by Polar Pair themselves. Picked from the remix series they released every other week via their soundcloud page, it contains a deep and slow house workout for the soulful Hope You Know, and a new wave pastiche meets techno on the Fantasy Love remix.

All 3 covers designed by Afik Naim

Polar Pair DJ Set on Solid Steel
Publish DateNovember 30, 2012Published By Published by

Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel radio show is a legendary corner stone in electronic music culture. First aired in 1988 on London’s Kiss FM, and now syndicated all over the world, Solid Steel is still (ha!) pushing boundaries, and showcasing the latest sounds and trends.

Botanika releases were featured intensively on the show, with tracks by Cohen, Kalbata, Polar Pair, NDV, Markey Funk & Bunny on Acid. On this week’s show we took it up a notch, with a 30 minutes mix by Polar Pair, including some original tracks and other favourites.

Also, following Ninja Tune’s DJ Food visit in Tel Aviv last month, he featured many tracks by Markey Funk’s latest project – Mordy Laye and Group Modular. The word is that Markey is also preparing a special set for Solid Steel. Good times!

Here’s the playlist:

Universal Robot Band _ Space Disco _ Panther
Polar Pair _ Star _ Botanika
Elizabeth Rose _ Ready (Sinden Remix) _ Grizzly
Polar Pair _ Six in the Morning _ Unreleased
L-Vis 1990 _ Tonight (KiNK Like It’s 1990 Dub) _ Island
Zombie Zombie _ Rocket Number 9 (A Cappella) _ Versatile
How to Dress Well _ & It Wa U (Polar Pair Dress Up remix) _ Promo
Deft _ The Traveller _ Skullcandy
Django Django _ Skies Over Cairo (Bullion Version) _ Because
Tim Maia _ You Don’t Know What I Know _ Luaka Bop

There’s also a tiny bit of Pixies in there, if you can spot it.


BALUTLP001: Polar Pair (Album)
Publish DateSeptember 30, 2012Published By Published by

Polar Pair, aka Malkiel Grossman & Nadav Ravid, have been making music together for almost twenty years. It took the world about the same time to catch up with their vision.

It’s impossible to box Polar Pair’s music into one neat definition; The gamut is simply too wide. The music oscillates from throbbing dance-floor tracks to R’n’B ballads, primal post-punk to cutting-edge bass music, hip-hop to disco, catchy pop to experimental beats. These influences can sometimes be easily spotted and sometimes they’re blended together, as if that was their purpose all along.

Malkiel and Nadav have been meeting religiously at their Polar Pair studios for years, banging heads and letting off pent up, notoriously muggy Tel-Aviv steam, churning out banger after banger. Some of these were released hot-off- the-press, straight to their tumblr, while the rest – the gems, the jewels, the Ferran Adriàs of bangers – culminated in this album. Born with the original working title “Every Song is Different”, the album relishes in living up to this: it swings between entire genres, colours, gender-roles and moods, varying deliciously in tone and atmosphere; It nails pastiches to the past and takes bold stabs at defining the future, layering familiar, comforting voices with bright, unheard ones.

These may all seem like symptoms of bi-polar disorder, but they are the unlikely ingredients that make up the new Polar Pair album.

Released October 1st, 2012

Booklet designed by Tubi
Cover designed by Heela Harel ||
Cover image by Germanex ||

8 years in 8 hours Pt. 1 (2004-2007)
Publish DateSeptember 11, 2012Published By Published by


As we mentioned last last week, we said goodbye to Kol Hacampus 106FM, ending an 8 years run in an 8 hours radio take over.

We prepared 4 hours of music covering some of the club and radio highlights for us – here’s the first part, concentrating on the years 2004-2007.



Erykah Badu – The Healer/Hip Hop (Motown)
Dabrye – Air (Feat Doom) (Ghostly)
Flying Lotus – Spicy Smash (Warp)
Tipper – Ton of Bricks (Tippermusic)
Danny Breaks – Duck Rock (Alphabet Zoo)
Border Crossing – Searching for Mr Manuva (MrScruff Remix) (Sound)
J Dilla – Wild (Stones Throw)
Steve Spacek – Dollar (Prod Jay Dilla) (Sound in Colour)
Busta Rhymes Feat Swizz Beats – New York Shit (Interscope)
Theo Parrish – The Rink (Sound Signature)
Amerie – 1 Thing (Theo Parrish remix) (Dopejams)
Spank Rock and Benny Blanco – Loose      (Downtown)
Ghislain Poirier – Dem Nah Like Me (Remix) Feat Mr Lee G (Shockout)
M.I.A. – Galang (XL)
Lady Sovereign – Random (A Brucker & Sinden Remix) (Casual)
Prince Po – Hold Dat (Richard X Remix)(Lex)
Ayanna – Shake Ya Fatty (2000_anD_6)
Ironsoul – Slapper (Sweet Beetz)
MRK1 – Neva Argue (Tyke)
Moodyboyz Vs Prince Fatty – Milk & Honey (Mr Bongo)
Skream – D2 (Tempa)
Solid Groove and Sinden – Overbooked (Atlantic Jaxx)
D1 – Mind and Soul (Tempa)
UGK Ft. Outkast – Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Jive)
Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Death Of A Star (Supernova) (Ubiquity)
Plantlife – When She Smiles…(4 Hero Mix) (Counterflow)
Greg Wilson – I was a Teenage DJ pt1 (TDJ)
Recloose – Dust (Peacefrog)
Lionel Hampton – Vibramatic (Joakim Rmx) (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
Rustie – Pendulum (Stuffrecords)
Jahcoozi – Black Barbie (Stereotyp remix) (Kitty-Yo)
Boozoo Bajou – Take It Slow (Seiji Vox) (K7)
Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek – Turn It On
Detrioit – Moonstarr (Sonar Kollektiv)
Âme – Nia (Sonar Kollektiv)
Tony Allen – Kilodeh (C2 Remix) (Honest Jons)
Trusme – Narda     (Fat City)
Karizma – Twyst This (R2)
DJ Rod Lee – No Hook (Club kings)
Sunship Feat Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Solid Groove Rmx) (Casual)
Underground Resistance – Ma Ya Ya (UR)

Or right-click and download here:


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